fredag 25. juni 2010

New pictures

Gallery A _ Oslo 17th. of June

All these artists attend to this collective exhibition At Gallery A this summer.


Sommerkollektivutstilling i Galleri A og Galleri A Minor, Vibesgate. Vi viser fram våre mest kjente kunstere og noen debutanter:

Adam den Haene, Aleksandra Niemczyk, An Doan, Bodil Cecilie Paus, Camilla Grythe, Christian L. Skipperud, Edouard Claes Truedsson, Edvarda A. Braanaas, E.C.Laszka, Espen Eiborg, Harald Schioldborg, Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller, Jørn Vestad, Mari Astrup, Marthe Cath. E. Bjørndal, Martin Whatson, May Lise Hoel, Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen, Nicolay Aamodt, Noah Alveberg, Pia Myrvold, Sidsel Scherven, Stephanie Skabo, Sverre Schyberg Olsen, Thomas Nesland Olsen og Tor-Arne Moen

A-laget: UTVALG 10 SOMMER er en god anledning til å skaffe seg oversikt
over de forskjellige kunstnerne Galleri A jobber med.

Vernissage torsdag 17.juni, 18-20.00. Det vil bli servert forfriskninger.

The story of Cap D´Ail

Hi, i´m back!

May and June has been very busy. I have also been treated for my bad hip, and i´ve done a lot of excersises to heal. Long bisyckle rides and swimming. I took Acupuncture, and it seems to help more than Fysiotherapy.

Anyway. Let´s talk about art...
My trip to France, Cap D´Ail was a bit surreal. What
a nice place, surrounded by beautiful buildings and beaches and good atmosphere. So many nice people... The family Ringestad at Hotel Normandy was a real energy bomb!

We came down on tuesday the of April.
My pictures were sent by TNT a week before. They hadn´t arrived to the hotel until Friday morning after several telephone calls from all of us (And thank´s Jo, i guess you touched a magic button there...).
On wednesday the vulcano on Iceland had an outbreak, and it turned our nice trip into a nightmare. We were in Paradise, but now everybody talked about how to get home.
We are all mothers and some of my friends were supposed to go back for a sisters 40. birthday party, and the day after she was supposed to be a childs godmother. Instead she and her friend had to hitchike to Hamburg, and from there by boat to Gothenburg, and car to Oslo.
The whole trip ended in the question: "How to get home"...
The day before we left, Michele, the owner of the hotel, arranged a goodbye dinner for us. Such a good cook of healthy food. I made her rootbeet and onion sallad when i got back home... Thank you Michele!
Anyway...Thank´s for a new experience. We survived, we were not refugees escaping from a war, but tourists trying to get home to our children. So... we thought about it...
We are SO, so lucky!
3 days by train, and we were back in our little town OSLO.

I´ll be back in Cap D´Ail in September... ;)

The end!